A flight simulation program with risk calculation options
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The simulation recreates aircraft controls. Gain access to multiple aircraft models and view the takeoff parameters, load sheets, analyze landing performance in real time and implement adjustments to the standard processes. Navigate multiple individual runway tables and monitor optimum thrust values.

TOPCAT is an acronym for Take-Off and Landing Performance Calculation Tool and is a highly realistic, easy-to-use planning tool for all serious flight simulator enthusiasts. It brings into a single application all of the calculations required to plan for safe and repeatable take-offs and landings.

TOPCAT features:

- Microsoft® Windows® application made by professional airline pilots (does not require any other software)
- Easy-to-use, user-friendly interface resembling real-life software
- Worldwide database with close to 10,000 airports and 28,000 runways
- Including obstacle data and engine-out procedures (EOSIDs)
- Take-off and landing data for abnormal configuration (e.g. engine out, flapless landing, inoperative thrust reversers, etc.)
- Ready-to-print and ready-to-save loadsheet, take-off and landing reports
- Build your own Individual Runway Tables (IRTs) for your favourite airports
- NOAA, IVAO, VATSIM and ActiveSky weather support (FS2004 and FSX)
- A wide variety of units: kilograms (kg), pounds (lb), meter (m), feet (ft), hPa (hecto pascal), inHg (Inches of mercury) for your personal needs
- Editor to add or modify runways and airports

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